How can I get points?

1. Add words and get +2 points per added word

2. Do the "Writing" test and get +2 points per correct answer

3. Do the "Guessing" test and get +1 point per correct answer

4. Share your list with others and get +50 points per user (for this we have a separate Ranking :) ).

We believe that helping others is the best way to learn. So give something to other users and get even more for yourself!

How to do it?

  • Create a new list. Go to Your Words page and use "+ Create new list" button.
  • Name it, add some words to it and provide some nice information what this list is about.
  • Share the list with your friends on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin using    Share icon or publish your list in the Library

Note: If you don't want to share your list anymore you can always delete it on your Lists page. This way it will be deleted also in Lists Store. 

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